What should I do if my furnace is not working?

  1. First, make sure your furnace is getting power.
  2. Check your electrical box for any tripped circuit breakers and reset with caution as this could indicate a bigger problem with your furnace or electrical system.
  3. Ensure that the furnace power switch has been switched “On.” Since furnaces can be tucked into tight, confining spaces or closets, the switched can be accidentally switched “off” easily.
  4. Verify that the front panel(s) of your furnace are in place and properly fastened. A safety switch mounted behind them will disable your furnace if the panels are not in place.
  5. Ensure that the gas is turned on with the handle in a position parallel to the gas pipe.
  6. Check the outside exhaust and intake pipes to ensure they are not restricted with dirt, debris, insects, snow, or any other foreign thing.

If none of these things restore operation of your furnace, you may need the assistance of a reputable and licenced gas technician. It is not advisable or legal to repair a gas appliance without certification.

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